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Community & Partnerships


New Rochelle High School Financial Literacy

Financial literacy is an essential life skill that everyone should possess. It empowers individuals to make informed financial decisions that can positively impact their future. That's why Flynn Financial Partners, along with Sean Oliver and Kevin Austin, took the initiative to offer a semester-long financial literacy course to the high school students at New Rochelle High School in the fall 2022.

The pilot program aimed to equip students with the necessary skills to budget their finances effectively, emphasizing the importance of considering the tradeoffs between spending, saving, and investing. By imparting financial knowledge, students can learn to make informed financial decisions, thus avoiding common financial pitfalls.

The afterschool program served as an “office hours” where students could ask questions and clarify their doubts regarding personal finance, enhancing their learning experience. Such initiatives are crucial to building a financially aware community and fostering a culture of giving back.

Flynn Financial Partners hopes to continue collaborating with the school administration to organize future educational events that benefit the student body. Empowering students with financial literacy not only benefit them in the long run but also creates a positive ripple effect on the local community.

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F2 and MSM Financial Literacy Summary

Flynn Financial Partners teamed up with Mount St. Michael Academy and Iona University to offer a semester-long financial literacy course to 12th Graders from MSM. This is the first course of its kind for Mount St. Michael students, who have gained understanding of numerous areas of personal finance, from budgeting skills and banking and credit, to funding their college aspirations.

Each session, delivered by CEO Tim Flynn and Planning Partner Kevin Myers, incorporates practical activities - such as reading a pay-stub, interpreting a lease and forming a budget – along with presentations and student discussions.

Flynn Financial Partners, Mount St. Michael and Iona University recognized a lack of opportunity for developing a basic level of financial education within the classroom. Instead, financial education was left up to parents, guardians, and the students themselves. This course aims to account for this gap in traditional curricula.

Iona University also provides resources, including guest speakers from admissions and financial aid departments, and an opportunity to visit the college campus. Students were given a tour – including the new state-of-the-art LaPenta School of Business – followed by the opportunity to discuss college applications with an admissions counsellor. The trip allowed students to see college as a viable next-step, according to teacher, Ethan Rivera, as well as helping some to see stocks and finance as a genuine interest and option for study.

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Barron’s in Education:

Flynn Financial has teamed with Barron’s in Education to help strengthen financial education for the next generation of business leaders at Binghamton University through university programs and events.

Kevin Myers and the Flynn Financial team have generously sponsored a subscription to Barron’s to provide access to the award-winning news, insight, perspective, and commentary.

The Barron’s in Education Program is a unique three-way partnership between Barron's, advisors, and academia. The program enables faculty and students to engage with business leaders, top market professionals, C-level executives, and highly successful investors across the Barron’s community around the nation. Online access is given 24/7 to the Barron's top-notch financial platform for industry content, tools, and real-time case studies integrated directly into university curriculum.

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The Common Cents Program:

Kevin Myers and the Flynn Financial team have partnered with Jim Gannon, the President of The Common Cents Program.

The Common Cents Program is a financial workshop, designed for pre-college teens that focuses on teaching its participants personal finance, investing basics, and entrepreneurship/business management practices. The mission is to SIMPLIFY the complexities of finance, by breaking down concepts into understandable ideas, so teens are prepared to effectively manage their finances as adults.

Jim has invited Kevin to be a guest speaker at various student workshops to instill financial literacy skills for pre-college students.

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“At Soles4Souls, we turn unwanted shoes and clothing into opportunity by keeping them from going to waste and putting them to good use.” As of 2021, Soles4Souls had donated over 56 million pairs of shoes. Flynn Financial have been donating shoes for the past 4 years and are committed to “turning shoes and clothing into opportunity”.

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New Rochelle Jazz Festival:

Flynn Financial are passionate about playing a role in their community, and the New Rochelle Jazz Festival, held annually in July, is great way for the company to help out locally.

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New Rochelle Turkey Trot :

Tim Flynn was one of the initial sponsors for the local Turkey Trot, which is annual event held on Thanksgiving Day where there is a 5k road race.

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Greater Bergen Community Action:

Tim was a board member for the Community Housing in Partnership (CHIP). They provide affordable housing for low and moderate-income people.

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Catholic Youth Organization:

Tim was a board member for CYO and was one of the founding members of the Track and Field and Cross-Country team.

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Laps For Love:

Laps For Love was a fundraiser hosted by Sarah Flynn, who is our CEO’s daughter. Flynn Financial helped promote and sponsor this event which helped raise money for the “Right To Play” charity.

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New Rochelle Chamber of Commerce:

Flynn Financial are also an active member of the New Rochelle Chamber of Commerce, attending monthly meetings.

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