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Pat ODonnell   5 Flynn Financial Partners are wonderful to work with. Tim, Mark and the team have answered all of my questions and worked with me on my various financial options with genuine care and concern. Their knowledge is priceless and their guidance is invaluable. They have been an extremely valuable resource to me for the past 16 years and through some of life’s toughest financial times. I highly recommend the team for your financial needs.
Deb McFall   5 Kevin Myers of Flynn Financial has been incredibly helpful to me. He has counseled me invaluably on my overall profile, both with Flynn and another investment company, ensuring that I am both safe in my investments and taking the risks I need to maximize my gains. He has kept me abreast of his decisions every step of the way. His influence has been beneficial on every count, and I trust in his ability to appreciate my wholistic, life-long needs as I'm soon to retire. Kevin has been ever-available for questions or concerns and dedicates his time to you as if you were his most important client!
Lauren Steinberg   5 As long time clients of Flynn Financial Partners, we have been extremely pleased with the professionalism and integrity of the organization and believe we have been well guided through both relatively stable as well as tumultuous markets. We continue to be impressed by Tim Flynn and his entire team for their depth of knowledge and responsiveness to any requests we may have. Tim Flynn has the rare gift to explain complex financial strategies and concepts in workable terms. Just as importantly,Tim fully understands our particular financial considerations and offers suggestions that match our unique situation. We are pleased to recommend Flynn Financial Partners .
Marc Katz   5 Tim Flynn is the real deal. His craft has been a life endeavor for decades and remains so. He's deeply committed to success for his clients and the sustained growth of his business. His firm provides an excellent level of service rarely seen. Last but not least, results speak for themselves.
Frank Carroll   5 Tim and team are tremendous—professional, accessible, responsive, and engaged every step of the way with us. With their guidance we feel a great deal more confident about our financial future. We truly appreciate Tim’s advice and find him ethical and trustworthy. We only wish we had engaged Flynn Financial Partners sooner!
Valda Black   5 Kevin Myers has been my financial advisor for over a year and is helping me get through an extremely difficult time for my family. He has gone so far above and beyond, I have no idea how I would be getting through this time without him. He is extremely knowledgable, has connections in the area for other services, and is a genuinely amazing person. If you have to choose someone, I 100% suggest using Kevin Myers.
Christina Ogowetsky   5 My husband and I started working with with Kevin a few months ago and he has been amazing!! He is so easy to work with, always available and a genuine nice guy who is always looking out for our best interest. We would highly recommend to anyone looking to get their finances in order.
Dave Sarnacki   5 Top notch. Quick to respond to all questions and concerns. We Never feel rushed and Tim always takes the time to explain in terms we can understand and makes you feel as though you are his top priority. My Brother has been a client for over 30 years and still can’t say enough good things about Flynn Financial .
Ellen Gannon   5 As a recently retired business owner, we were recommended to talk with Tim Flynn. He came down to our home and met with us and we looked no further. Tim's knowledge and passion about the financial market was incredible and he made us feel like we counted to him and his amazing staff. He took all of our information and compiled our investments in an easy to understand format. If we have a question, it is always answered that day or followed up with an email. We deal mostly with Mark Libersher and Jennifer Walsh who are organized and always have the right information for us. Tim Flynn gave us his business card with his cell phone and is accessible any time we need him. We highly recommended their services and have total confidence in their understanding of this ever changing market.
Bruce Yaffe   5 As a busy physician with a wife and two children, I had little time to focus on my finances. I was often approached with new investment options but I had no cohesive understanding of my present and future needs.Several years ago my accountant recommended that my wife and I meet with Tim Flynn and review and organize our IRAs, Keoghs, life insurance , bank accounts and wills. With Tim we organized a 5 year plan,10 year plan, 20 year plan and 30 year plan. He helped us put together a goal oriented program that enables us to take advantage of our portfolio, maximizing our chances of having adequate funds for our kids and ourselves at various stages in our lives. Tim is meticulous, available, responsive, gracious and patient. With peace of mind that we have watched our portfolio grow and he pays attention to our questions and suggestions. Tim Flynn has truly played life changing role In the quality of life I have come to enjoy. Thank you Tim.
James Wall   5 I was an institutional (not-for-profit) client of Flynn Financial Partners and was extremely pleased with their service. Based on the quality of their advice, the professionalism and reliability of their staff and the results they produced, my wife and I retained them to develop a comprehensive investment plan for us. They worked with our estate attorney and our accountant to insure that their services were appropriately integrated. Now they manage all of our investments. Both Tim and Mark are in regular contact with us and are exceptionally responsive. Having worked in professional services for most of my career, I am acutely aware of the importance of technical expertise, personal relationships, ethics and integrity in the delivery of quality client service. Tim, Mark and their entire team are top notch in delivering a first rate results-oriented client experience.
Jay Zweibaum   5 Flynn Financial is an excellent firm with great, consistently high rated recommendations to help manage your money and support major life events. Having been both a client for more than 20 years and have worked with Tim and Flynn Financial on setting up multiple company 401k's, I cannot recommend the team enough.
Tiziana Rinaldi   5 Tim Flynn and Mark Libersher have been our financial advisors for over two decades. Their knowledge of markets and economic trends has made them indispensable to our family’s financial wellbeing and growth. They understand a client's priorities and are always available to review goals and plan out ambitious scenarios. Over the years we have much enjoyed the connection with Tim, Mark and their great team. They’re not just good at what they do, they're good people
Mark Sarnacki   5 Family ! This is what immediate comes to mind with, Tim, Mark, Jenn and the entire team !! Their track record of success itself is enough to recommend their services. But it is the level of individual comfort and commitment that sets them apart. They truly treat each of their clients as if you are family. I've known Tim since we tending bar together as we put ourselves though school. One of the smartest and genuinely kindest people I had ever met, we instantly hit it off. Once our professional careers began, I turned to him to guide me, and in turn my family, toward investing in our future financial security. This has proven one of the smartest moves I have made. Come to think of it, that also makes me one of his longing standing clients. I quickly found that Mark too was of this same cloth and the two of them together are a tandem built for success. I have referred many friends and clients throughout the years, with every one of them finding this same connection and commitment. No matter the needs or size of the portfolio, they are treated as if they are... family. If you're looking for solid financial planning with people who genuinely care about you, you've found the right place.
Robert Ierace   5 I have been working with Tim and his team for over 20 years and they have always helped my family in the most professional manner. They consistently have helped us identify and achieve our financial goals from College funding though retirement. We look forward to working with them in the future.
Robert Rosenberg   5 This company is the best financial advisory firm I have ever dealt with. I usually seek advice from Tim Flynn and/or Mark Libersher. Both of these gentlemen are extremely knowledgeable and trustworthy with my hard earned money. They essentially treat my money as if it were their own to invest. If I have to leave a message for these gentlemen, I receive a call back that day. I cannot say enough positive things about this firm. Even their assistants, such as Jennifer Walsh, are extremely conscientious and responsive. I highly recommend this firm for your financial advice and planning.
Ray Gogel   5 Tim and his team are more than just fiduciary partners--for the past four years, they have been the cornerstone of our financial plan and success. Tim is always there to help with a challenge, full of fresh ideas and multiple approaches to solve problems. Even when he’s extremely busy, he returns our calls quickly and takes time to think our questions through and provide us with a broad swath of potential solutions, weighing pros and cons of each. We have been enriched [pun intended] in many ways by working with Tim and his team; my wife and I trust them completely. My only regret is that we did not get introduced to Tim earlier in our careers. It would have saved us a number of missteps
Fred Folco   5 My wife and I have been a clients of Flynn Financial since 2004 and are extremely satisfied with the firm and advice we have received from Mr Flynn. We have recommended his firm to numerous family and colleagues over the years and ever one has been thankful for the recommendation.
Frank Russell   5 I have known Tim/Mark/Jen since 2009. I have trusted Tim completely with my financial needs and goals. He has been a great advisor and friend. He has built a first class organization with the skill sets to provide detailed, through and conscious information via incredible research to support his recommendations. Thank you Tim, Mark & Jen!!
Carrie Foley   5 Flynn Financial has such a well rounded, smart, efficient team. They go above and beyond your typical financial planners. I feel so comfortable asking for advice, and so comfortable knowing that everything we talk about gets handled and accomplished efficiently. They follow through on everything. I can’t say enough good things about every one of them.
Chad Stieglitz   5 It’s been a pleasure working with Ryan Peters and his team. His knowledge, professionalism, and responsiveness have been extremely helpful. I would highly recommended to anyone looking for a financial planner!
Joann Golden   5 A great organization, they have great people and are extremely detailed. They advised my father for many years and he was a middle class income earner and their disciplined approach helped leave my mother in a very comfortable place. They have treated my mother and us like family. I wish my brothers and I engaged with them sooner!
Mike Bourgeois   5 Great team of guys and gals that made my transition into retirement go easy with a solid plan. The online services are user friendly and it’s nice having everything now in one place consolidating my accounts.
Ron D   5 Excellent, knowledgeable and well meaning people. Our investments have grown with their help and foresight. We have nothing but good things to say about them.
John Corcoran   5 Tremendous client service. Very knowledgeable and also practical in approach. I have the utmost confidence in Tim and his team.
Jackie McCutcheon   5 I'm certain I cannot adequately convey my appreciation for everything that Flynn Financial has done for my family and our financial well being. We've had the good fortune of having Tim, Jen, Mark, Brian and all at Flynn providing their expertise to us for many years - treating us as family and we feel likewise for them. Tim takes the time to get to know his clients and their personal situations so that he and his team can create specific plans for your goals. I initially crossed paths with Tim on mutual business clients and was impressed with the level of attention given. When I needed assistance for my Mom on her estate and with my own portfolio, Tim & co came to our aid and have expertly (and with much patience!) guided our financial planning with great results. The adage "you'll have peace of mind knowing you are in good hands" could not be truer. Thank you Flynn Financial!
Jeff Sattler   5 Tim Flynn is a man of character and business ethics which is why he started this firm. He is knowledgeable and always following the market on my behalf. I continue to recommend Tim, Mark, and their entire team to a number of friends and business acquaintances wholeheartedly. Working with Kevin with my financial plan has been refreshing as well.



Name Desingation Rating Text
Robert Halsch   5 Not only has my company which invests in low income neighborhoods been helped immeasurably by the team at Flynn Financial, but our 600 employees have each experienced the personal touch which the Flynn team provides. Our company and our employees are richer, both literally and figuratively because of the prescient guidance we consistently receive. Mr Flynn is not just a brilliant financial professional, but he is a true humanitarian. He truly cares about his clients, their families, and their communities. I have been involved with a number of financial advisors over many years. None compare to Flynn Financial.
George Sullivan   5 The people from Flynn Financial Partners have been a great resource and huge help with our Company's changing Pension plans. They have been an excellent resource as we navigated through the end of one plan and the transition to an entirely new type of plan. Their knowledge has educated our internal pension team and helped our factory employees understand their options and opportunities.
David Hinkle   5 I'm the President of Fastener Dimensions Inc. We use Flynn Financial to handle our 401Ks as well has my personal investments. Tim Flynn and the Flynn Financial team is knowledgeable, trust worthy and great to deal with. Flynn Financial comes highly recommended from me and Fastener Dimensions, Inc.
Steven Leitner   5 Our non-profit uses Flynn Financial for its retirement plans. Having worked in global corporate, large, medium, and small businesses my expectations of service was to receive cookie-cutter advisory strategies. The entire team at Flynn Financial made me feel like I was their only client. I know I am not their premier client, but Flynn Financial makes me feel like I am. They have expertly tailored my accounts to my specific current needs. Having a partner like Flynn Financial to help me grow my portfolio has never been so effortless. I trust Flynn Financial with the security of my family’s future.
Eges Malo   5 As a Director of Human Resources , I have come to work with Flynn Financial on a regular basis for over a year now. From the get go, Tim, Mark, Joe and the team have been amazing partners. No task is too small or too big for them. The quality of customer service they provide is top notch. Pair that with their knowledge, expertise and creativity to problem solve, and we have a winning formula for success. They are personable and have great attention to detail. To them, you are not just another client. They take the time to know you, the company's needs and wants and tailor their approach to that. Very soon you find yourself/company become part of the big Flynn Family. Highly recommend!
Jill's Job   5 I received the best financial advice from the team at Flynn Financial. I've spoken with two different employees and each was able to provide me with the guidance I needed as well as the highest level of professionalism. I highly recommend Flynn Financial to anyone looking for help with their 401(k) and other investments.
aba pgt   5 We trust and rely on Flynn Financial Partners for all our investment needs! Flynn’s attention to our company’s financial goals and investment style has earned our utmost respect! As an ESOP company, making healthy investment choices for our company and our employees is a priority, so much so that we even encourage our employees to reach out to Flynn for help with their own personal investment needs. There is no doubt that one of the best decisions we made was to partner with Flynn Financial Partners for our corporate investments and 401k needs!
Patrick Murphy   5 I ended up moving a previous employers 401k over to Flynn Financial and had the pleasure to work with Joe Pigot. After making the switch to Flynn financial I received a call from the owner Tim Flynn welcoming me as a client and assuring me of my investments. From there Joe took over and my investments have continued to increase in double digit percentages. Couldn’t be happier with the service and support I receive along with the guidance and professionalism.
Naixi Li   5 The firm handling our retirement plans misinformed the participation of some product which caused serious delays when a plan of exchange is contemplated. Last year, the year analysis came with multiple revisions on the final result of participants. It caused serious confusion. Flynn Financial cleaned up the mess, gave us a clean, easy start. Mr. Joe Pigot played a pivot role in the process. Awesome team!
Jan Alperti   5 Joe Pigot gave our company a wonderful presentation and then I had a great call with him one-on-one. His clear, straightforward approach makes it easy to understand. I really didn't think I could achieve my goals but he showed me that it's not too late. I recommended him to a friend who enjoyed a similar result. I would say to anyone staying up at night worrying about your financial future that you may be surprised at what's possible and you should talk to Joe!
Linda Dowd   5 My experience with Flynn financial has been very favorable. The energy and diligence toward research is quite amazing and has served us extremely well through the different market cycles. I highly recommend this firm.
Karen DiPeri   5 Highly recommend Flynn Financial Partners, excellent client support and very responsive to our needs.
ROBERT MOORE   5 Tim, Mark, the Jen's and the rest of the staff are very knowledgeable and extremely professional and always helpful.



Name Desingation Rating Text
Michael Cloutier   5 I have been working with Tim for over 15 years. The level of service he and his team continuously provide are unparalleled. They always make you feel like you are their most important client; and that is not hyperbole. Flynn Financial Partners has provided outstanding results on our investments each and every year. Tim will personally go the extra mile to make sure you receive the best possible investing experience. I highly recommend Tim for all of your financial needs.
John Carl   5 As the President & Founder of Retirement Learning Center, I have worked with Flynn Financial & Tim Flynn both Professionally as well as Personally for over two decades. Professionally, the Flynn Financial Team is one of the best and brightest in the business across the retirement plan, insurance and wealth management spaces that we at The RLC get the privilege of working with. So much so that we use Flynn Financial as our Retirement Plan Consultant for our RLC corporate retirement program. I am also a personal wealth management client of the firm. Needless to say I find Tim & the Team to be of the highest quality and integrity you can find in our industry.
Brooke McMahon   5 Flynn Financial Partners has been an incredible partner and resource to our organization. Tim and his team are incredibly responsive and are always available to assist with all of our financial planning needs. Tim is extremely knowledgeable and has an in depth understanding of municipal government finance.
Art Graziano   5 I have found Flynn Financial Partners to be on top of municipal government financial world. Tim has always been there with vision for the future and guidance in the present. His team is widely knowledgeable and provides amazingly detailed service and product and market trend visions. We are pleased to have all of the Flynn Financial team on our side.
Linda Redlisky   5 As an elder law attorney, who also serves as a fiduciary, the importance of collaborating and aligning with an outstanding and trustworthy financial firm is critical. Tim Flynn and his team of professionals provide unparalleled personalized service to insure your comfort in choosing an investment strategy. Tim's investment strategy is similar to the relationships he builds--he's in it for the long run! I highly recommend Flynn Financial Partners.
Jon Lumbra   5 As a former City Treasurer, I have found the whole Flynn Financial team to represent among the highest levels of customer service I have ever experienced. Information was always accurate, responses to queries were turned around very quickly. Answers were clear and where necessary detailed enough for me to make informed decisions quickly, minimizing the end-to-end time to process complex municipal transactions. They won me as a customer for life and I would highly recommend you give them an opportunity.
Daniel Owens   5 I’ve used F2 Partners on numerous occasions. As the Executive Director of the Holyoke Retirement Board. As a personal investor , retirement planning for my wife and me. He placed the most successful equity over a 15 year period in the history of the HRB portfolio! Also, his attention to detail & communication with HRB was first rate. Tremendous knowledge of asset allocation & risk tolerance! Needed skills in Public Portfolio design. As a personal investor, my wife and I are very pleased with his design/performance of our 403(b)s. We have entrusted Tim, Tim’s team, with our funds & retirement stability. Most happy with results! Tim is a top notch Fiduciary , trustworthy & competent in all area’s of financial planning
Steve Lonergan   5 The people at Flynn Financial Partners are top noch. Always available and have the knowledge and expertise to assist any investor make wise, safe and secure investment decision. Working in the municipal world, their understanding of the special rules, regulations and restrictions are invaluable to me. They have been able to assist me complete transactions without any issues. I would recommend Flynn Financial Partners to anyone looking to invest.

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1.1 billion USD in Institutional Investment Consulting



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