Institutional Consulting

Institutional Consulting


We used a disciplined process that is tailored to your needs, custom-building your investing and spending strategy to create the holistic plan we believe can minimize risks and optimize returns in order to ensure you have the assets you need to successfully meet responsibilities and goals for generations to come. And we work closely with you to help ensure each investment decision is aligned with your unique values, mission policies and fiduciary obligations.

Disciplined Process



  • Understand your financial goals, obstacles and preferences.
  • Gather documentation.
  • Open dialogues with your accountant and attorney if necessary.



  • Personalized financial plan.
  • Propose investment portfolio.
  • Working together and scheduling briefings and reviews.



  • Initiate the financial plan.
  • Phase in the investment recommendations.
  • Enroll in selected services.
  • Review forthcoming client statements.



  • Monitor progress according to the plan.
  • Adjust the plan and investments when needed.
  • Inform you, your accountant and attorney of anything any of you should be aware.
  • Help you navigate your options.


As trusted advisors, in whatever capacity we operate, we take the time upfront to completely understand the organization (after all, our clients become like family & friends, so we might as well get to know them!), its current situation and strategic mission for the organization generally and the portfolio goals more specifically. Seeking to create alignment between them by reviewing, agreeing on, and outlining investment objectives, time horizon, risk tolerance, portfolio covenants and restrictions, income requirements while detailing fiduciary responsibilities to encapsulate all these key topics in an Investment (and Spending) Policy Statement.


As an independent boutique investment consultant and advisor, we pride ourselves on our fundamental investment process. With our robust in-house investment analytical capabilities, in addition to the support of our significant external partners and resources, we provide sophisticated asset allocation modeling, Monte-Carlo simulation, and tailored portfolio recommendations. Given our independence and fiduciary status, we have no proprietary products to offer and operate in a truly conflict-free manner. We are only confined by the parameters you define within the IPS and offer open-architecture investment solutions with individual securities, passive-managed ETF’s, or actively-managed funds in the construction of the portfolio.


Once we agree on a plan and the optimal portfolio for meeting your objectives, we employ sophisticated investment methodologies to construct and optimize your portfolio. Given the age-old adage, the-Devil-is-in-the-details, we focus heavily on our objective process for portfolio implementation and execution.


Our commitment to you does NOT stop once your plan has been implemented, it has only just begun. At Flynn Financial we operate in a fiduciary manner on all our institutional accounts. Drawing on the Latin Word, Fiducia (“…trust, confidence, reliance…”), you can rest assured that we are regularly and routinely monitoring your portfolio (and its underlying investments) and providing thorough documentation for any needed changes due to current market conditions, changes within the organization, or underperformance/negative outlook on an investment or manager.

We deliver regular quarterly reviews of your portfolio and routinely provide detailed reports needed for internal and external management, accounting, and audit (GASB/FASB). Lastly, we provide timely performance reporting to demonstrate your portfolio returns versus its relevant benchmark as per the IPS to ensure we remain on track to the stated needs, goals, and objectives.

AUM: $ 2 Billion*

*900 million USD managed

1.1 billion USD in Institutional Investment Consulting



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